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GoldHold specialises in bullion sales and management, offering physical gold investment products through a secure collective depository (vault) in Zurich, Switzerland. This vault is operated by ViaMAT International where billions of Euros worth of precious metals are stored and insured through Lloyds of London.

Whether you are a prudent individual investor or an institutional client, you can benefit from our expertise, bulk purchasing power and wholesale storage. Client assets are held under contract with Europe’s largest and most trusted custodian in order to protect their wealth from currency debasement and the spiraling global debt crisis. Click here to learn about the safety of client assets.

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Watch this short video to learn about what drives the gold market. The video explains gold supply/demand dynamics, Asia’s affinity for gold and the possibility for high inflation in the future

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October 2012:  GoldHold can now facilitate buying physical gold through your pension fund. When you purchase gold within an approved pension fund you are doing so with tax free money. Click here for more information.

Gold In Your Pension